• Family Bible Week
  • Watch Recorded Services
  • New Online World Bible School Study
  • World Bible School - Free Correspondence Course
  • Wednesday Fall Series

    September 7, Auditorium
  • College Seminar "Absolute Truth?"

    September 10, Auditorium
  • Potluck Luncheon

    September 18, Fellowship Hall
  • Apologetics Press Dinner

    September 22, Fellowship Hall
  • Questions & Answer

    September 25, Auditorium
  • Grief Share Program

    September 25, Lincoln church of Christ

Upcoming Worship

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Service Times & Directions

Schedule of Services

Sunday Morning Worship: 9:00am

Sunday Morning Bible Class: 10:20am

Sunday Evening Worship: 5:00pm

Wednesday Evening Bible Class: 7:00pm

Regularly Scheduled Activities

Beginners' Sign Language Class: Sunday Afternoons at 4:00pm

Hair Care @ Brookshire Nursing Home: Tuesday Mornings

Dorcus Class: Wednesday Mornings

Golden Seniors: Thursday Mornings

Service Group Meetings: Sunday Evenings after Worship

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1519 Old Monrovia Rd. N.W.
Huntsville, AL 35806
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