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Studying to Know God's Word

Lesson 3 - Who is Jesus

Instructions: Study each passage of Scripture thoroughtly, the answer each question. Text input boxes will hold up to 100 characters for your answer.

  1. Colossians 1:15-17
    1. Jesus is the image of whom?
    2. Describe his nature?
  2. John 17:5, John 17:24
    1. Did Jesus exist before the creation of the world?
      Yes No
  3. Matthew 1:18-25
    1. What made the birth of Jesus different and unique from other births?
    2. Jesus was to his people from their .
  4. Hebrews 1:1-2
    1. Today, God speaks to people by:
      prophets apostles his son nature
  5. I John 5:12-13
    1. What is the difference in believing in the Son (Jesus) and not believing?
    2. Is it possible to believe the things written about Jesus?
      Yes No
  6. John 10:10
    1. Does Jesus desire for you to have abundant life?
      Yes No
    2. What does "abundant" mean to you?
    3. If in the course of this Bible Study you find something Jesus wants you to do that you haven't already done to have abundant life, would you do it?
      Yes No
  7. Matthew 28:18
    1. Jesus has been given ___________ authority in heaven and on earth?
  8. John 3:35-36
    1. The Father has given things into his hand.
  9. John 14:6
    1. What are the three things that Jesus said he is?
    2. Can a person get to Heaven without going through Jesus?
      Yes No
  10. Matthew 7:13-14
    1. Is there more than one way to Heaven?
      Yes No
    2. Describe the way to Heaven.
    3. How many will find it?
    4. Where does the broad road lead?
    5. Will the majority enter Heaven?
      Yes No
  11. John 12:42-43, James 2:19
    1. Even though many of the chief rulers believed in Jesus, were they saved?
      Yes No
    2. Since the devils believe, are they saved?
      Yes No
    3. Explain your answers.
  12. John 12:48
    1. Whose words will judge you in the last day?
    2. How do you feel about being judged by the New Testament?
    3. How important would it be to know what the New Testament says?
  13. Matthew 7:21-23
    1. Everyone who says unto Jesus "Lord, Lord", shall enter heaven?
      Yes No
    2. Who will enter heaven?
    3. Even if you do many good works and call Jesus "Lord", could he say to you, "Depart from Me"?
      Yes No
    4. Why could Jesus say "depart from Me" to sincere religious people who acknowledge Him as Lord?
  14. John 14:15, Matthew 28:20
    1. Is it God's will that you believe in Christ AND love him?
      Yes No
    2. Can you love Christ and not obey him?
      Yes No
    3. How much of God's will must you observe?
  15. John 20:27-31
    1. Why were the miracles of Christ written in the Bible?
  16. Matthew 17:22-23, Luke 23:44-47
    1. Did Jesus tell his own death?
      Yes No
  17. Matthew 28:1-6, Revelation 1:18
    1. Was Jesus resurrected on the first day of the week (Sunday)?
      Yes No
  18. Romans 5:8-11
    1. Why did God allow Jesus to die for you?
  19. Matthew 16:15
    1. What did Simon Peter acknowledge (confess) on this occasion?

  1. Do you feel you are saved?
    Yes No
    if yes, enter your spiritual conversion:
    1. When?
    2. Where?
    3. How?
    4. Why?
    5. How old were you?
  2. Specific questions concerning your life if they apply:
    1. Did you make a confession?
      Yes No
    2. Have you been baptized?
      Yes No
    3. If you were baptized, how?
    4. Do you feel that you were saved before or after you were baptized?
    5. If before, how long was it until you were baptized?
    6. What was the purpose of your baptism?
    7. What church were you baptized into?

Written by: John Denney
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