Bible Classes
for Everyone

Our Bible classes meet on Sundays after morning worship and on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. There are classes for everyone aged six months and up.  Below are a list of our current classes that are offered.

Sunday Morning Classes
(following worship)

Auditorium (Adults)

The Big Picture of the Bible

Fellowship Hall (Home Builders)

Built by the Lord

119 (Young Pros)

The Greatest Questions Ever Asked

115 (College)

People and Places of the Old Testament

Room 120 (Deaf)


Fellowship Hall Double Classroom (Jr. High)


118 (Sr. High)

Glad You Didn't Quit!

Wednesday Evening Class (7:00pm)

Auditorium (Adults)

Revelation Part 2

Fellowship Hall Double Classroom (Young Pro)

Who is Like the Lord

119 (Ladies)

2 Peter & Jude

115 (College)

Answering Bible Questions


Bible Correspondence

Fellowship Hall (Jr. & Sr. High)

Biblical World View

Childrens' Classes
(during adult classes)

Room 105

Attended Nursery

Room 105

6 to 12 Months

Room 107

12 to 18 Months

Room 108

18 to 24 Months

Room 109

2 Year Olds

Room 111

3 Year Olds

Room 112

4 Year Olds

Room 113


Room 114

1st Grade

Room 121

2nd and 3rd Grades

Across from office

4th and 5th Grades