Bible Classes
For All Ages

Our Bible classes meet on Sundays after morning worship and on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. There are classes for everyone aged six months and up.  Below are a list of our current classes that are offered.

Sunday Morning

Auditorium (Adult)

Evangelism 101

David Hester | Ty McClurg

Fellowship Hall (Home Builders)


Bill Eads | Tom Collier

Room 119 (Young Pros)


Paul Owen | Nathan Bowman

Room 115 (College)

In Heaven You’ll Be Glad You Did Not Quit

Ben Stevenson | Cameron Pierce

Room 120 (Deaf)

FH Double Classroom (Jr./Sr. High Boys)


Keith Anderson | Josh Stevenson

Room 121 (Jr./Sr. High Girls)


Emily Anderson | Lindsey Van Hook

Wednesday Evening

Auditorium (Adult)

Lessons from the Exodus

Demar Elam | James Andrews

Fellowship Hall (Jr./Sr. High)

Real Life

Blake Hogan | Keith Hogan

Room 119 (Ladies)

Book of John


Room 115 (College)

When the World Calls… The Book of Daniel

Jonathan Spry | Adam Burley

Room 112

Bible Correspondence

Jason Smith

FH Double Classroom (Young Pro)

The Post Card Books of the Bible

Mick Edwards | Louis Benavides

Children’s Classes

Room 105

Attended Nursery

Room 105

6-12 Months

Room 107

12-18 Months

Room 108

18-24 Months

Room 109

2 Years Old

Room 111

3 Years Old

Room 112

4 Years Old

Room 113


Room 114

1st Grade

Room 121

2nd & 3rd Grade

Across From Office

4th & 5th Grade