Member support

Programs designed to provide support and encouragement to members of the West Huntsville family

Cheer Program

We assist older or infirm members in making repairs to their homes and in maintaining their lawns.

Contact Brad Mitchell or Shawn Turner for assistance.

Personal Support

Our elders and preachers provide support, assistance, and counseling to those experiencing life, health, and/or emotional problems.

Contact any minister or elder for assistance.


In depth Bible classes are offered each week for members of all ages. Click here to see our current schedule.

Contact Paul Owen for more information.


We plan regular fellowship opportunities (potlucks, picnics, etc.) for the social, recreational, and spiritual benefit of our members.

Contact Brandon Rhodes for more information on how you can help.

Golden Seniors

Those 60 and above meet on Thursdays for a Bible class and fellowship meal.

Contact Tony Mathias for more information.

Service Groups

Service groups meet weekly after worship on Sunday evenings to receive information and assignments for cards to send, people to visit, and needs to be met.

Contact Tom Collier or your service group leader for assistance.

Men's retreat

Each year, the men are invited to a retreat at Camp Neyati for a period of fellowship, games, and spiritual nourishment.

Contact Glenn Colley for more information.


We provide transportation to those who are otherwise unable to attend services.

Contact Louis Botello for assistance.

Welcome home

New members are invited to members' homes for Sunday lunch several times during their first year at West Huntsville to welcome them to the family.

Contact Randy Steelman for more information.