Deaf Ministry

with Sign Language classes


Our goal is to provide accessible worship services and Bible classes to the deaf community. 


We want to encourage fellowship of the deaf community within the church.


We aim to reach into our community through free, inclusive sign language courses.

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Is interpreting provided for every service?

Yes, all worship services are interpreted into ASL by a live interpreter. Multiple men help interpret the worship service and mixed classes, while women interpret for our female deaf members during ladies’ only classes. 

Is there a Bible class for deaf members?

Yes! There is a Bible class on Sunday morning that uses sign language as its primary means of communication. In addition, interpreting is available for Wednesday evening classes. 

Are interpreters only provided for regular worship?

Interpreters are provided for all worship services, as well as other bible classes, gospel meetings, and other special events. Occasionally there is a separate worship service that is conducted entirely in sign language (with voicing for hearing members that are present).

Do you offer sign language classes?

We provide sign language training classes that meet at 3:30-4:30 p.m. each Sunday afternoon. The class cycle starts with basic classes in September and January of each year, gradually moving to the more advanced classes a few months later. However, newcomers are welcome to join at any time. 

what are your sign language classes like?

The classes have an informal, relaxed atmosphere and are open to anyone that would like to learn or practice sign language. The basics of communicating in ASL are not difficult, and our deaf members are very friendly and supportive to those trying to learn their language. Sometimes our sign classes are actually taught in whole or part by our deaf members. 

Who can attend sign language classes?

Anyone is welcome to attend. There is no fee required. We meet each Sunday at 3:30 in the auditorium.